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Multihead Dosing Pumps

Multihead Dosing Pumps

Multihead Dosing Pumps are electronic pumps which are known for providing excellent dosing solution. These are designed with PTFE diaphragm between hydraulic oil and the metered fluid. Uniquely designed multihead dosing pumps are glandless and ensure proper safety from leakages of toxic, corrosive and costly fluids. These are available with the capacity range is from 0 to 10000 ltr/hr and pressure up to 100 Kg /cm2.

Our pumps are available in :
  • Simplex, duplex or multiple heads for handling various chemicals

Features :
  • Easily handles corrosive, abrasive or viscous fluids
  • Arrangement of in-built pressure relief valve to protect the pump from pressure exceeding the rated pressure
  • Diaphragm is always balanced between the pressures exerted by the hydraulic oil and the liquid to be dosed
  • Steady state metering accuracy of +/-1% of pump output, at single setting of stroke from 10% discharge flow rate is linear to variation of stroke length
  • Automatic air bleeding from the hydraulic oil to ensure better metering accuracy to 100%. (turn down ration 10:1)
  • Repeatability better than +/-2.5% of set point
  • Flow metering accuracy is almost independent of back pressure of liquid

Wide Range of Multihead Dosing Pumps in Nashik, India