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Resonator Dampener

Resonator Dampener

Where zero maintenance equipment is required for high pressure systems, free maintenance resonator would be an alternative to use.

Free maintenance dampeners called resonator pulsation dampeners are typically installed on the suction and discharge sides of the API 674 or API 675 process pumps, very close to the suction and discharge nozzles.

Resonators give excellent damping results within a wide range of pressures and pump speeds. Their functional efficiency at low and very high temperatures is of great importance particularly where aggressive fluids are used.

The bellows can also be made of stainless steel, to suit special dampeners designed for working with high temperature liquids.

Resonators are used, instead of bladder or diaphragm pulsation dampeners, with clear advantages:

  • Very high reduction of the discharge pulsation; the exact value depends especially on the pumped fluid features and piping connections. It is typically higher than 60%.
  • Complete customization, as per customers requests and projects specification.
  • There are no wearing or moving parts in the full equipment.
  • It’s a dampener completely without maintenance.
  • Volumes can be customized.
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